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The Surge Worked: Victory In Iraq

Tuesday, June 30, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

President Bush must be watching today’s celebrations in Iraq with great interest, though doubtless without any expectation that the MSM which was so wrong for so long about Iraq will pause to recall that in late 2006, Bush undertook a change in strategy in Iraq that led to today’s celebrations in the country liberated from Saddam and now generally secure from terrorists.

Many, many senior American political figures –including President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid– pronounced the war in Iraq lost in 2006, and declared that the surge could not work and was not worth the effort.

But today Iraq is a free country because of the surge, and though hardly a completely secure and stable democracy, Iraq is on the path that could make it the anchor of freedom in the Muslim world while its fascist neighbor Iran is convulsed with demonstrations and unmasked to the world as the most repressive regime in the region.

The new Administration could still forfeit the hard won, extremely costly victory in Iraq through fecklessness or a desperate need to please the hard-left fringe in the United States that will forever understand victory in Iraq as a rebuke to their hatred of Bush and their blindness to the true stakes of the war. Every day of freedom the Iraqis enjoy is a day that and the rest of the gang wanted to deny the Iraqi people. They helped President Obama win an election of course, but they are losing the battle with history every single day, and days like today must drive that home and drive them into a deserved gloom over their own failed plans to see America humbled.

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