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Sunday, December 30, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

With Governor Huckabee on MTP, and Senator McCain on This Week, Team Romney was busy this morning.

Here’s their fact-check on John McCain’s that he has never supported amnesty.

Here’s their fact check on many Huck statements.

Politico’s Jonathan Martin reports on the chaos in the Huckabee camp. (Why did Joe Carter leave the campaign? He was the best thing MH had going for him.) Key graph:

Huckabee’s slide can be explained by a series of inter-related factors. His rise came right as the media began to closely cover the campaign, he and his undermanned campaign organization have been ill-prepared to push back against broadsides from both the media and Romney, and his positions and rhetoric have drawn the enmity of a constellation of groups within the conservative establishment.

Martin compares Huckabee’s campaign to Senator McCain’s of 2000 when conservative groups almost all backed Bush and opposed the Arizona senator. It is very difficult to win an open race for the Republican nomination if you can’t appeal to a significant portion of each of the three circles of GOP support –the foreign policy conservatives, the free market conservatives, and the social conservatives. Huck has strong support only among the social conservatives, and McCain only among the hawks.

Romney, by comparison, has strong support in all three groups, as do Rudy and Fred. (Social conservatives are more than the pro-lifers and include the tough-on-crime-and-drugs/border security conservatives.)

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