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The Spokane Bomb

Wednesday, January 19, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

From the Spokane Spokesman-Review:

“It definitely was, by all early analysis, a viable device that was very lethal and had the potential to inflict multiple casualties,” said Frank Harrill, the special agent in charge of the Spokane FBI office. “Clearly, the timing and placement of a device – secreted in a backpack – with the Martin Luther King parade is not coincidental. We are doing everything humanly possible to identify the individuals or individual who constructed and placed this device.”

Harrill wouldn’t disclose specific details about the bomb.

But two security sources, who did not want to be named because they were not authorized to discuss the case, told The Spokesman-Review that they received a briefing Tuesday suggesting that the bomb was equipped to detonate by a remote device, such as a car remote or garage door opener. The bomb apparently also had its own shrapnel that could have caused significant injuries to anyone near the blast.


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