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The Slow Joe Biden Interview and The Collapsing Presidency

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joe biden

Read the new interview of the vice president by Lisa DePaulo in the new GQ. It is hard not to like the man, but his answers are deeply unnerving for their utter cluelessness. Example:

But the sense of disillusionment-the people who say, “Inauguration day was so incredible, and now the hope is gone,” is this-
See, I really don’t think the hope is gone. I don’t think the majority of the American people think the hope is gone. What they’re looking for is reassurance. You know what it’s a little bit like? You ask the girl out in high school, and it didn’t work out, and you’re really excited about this next person, but you’re just not sure…. “I got turned down by Mary; do I want to ask Lisa? Tell me, is there a reason to be hopeful here?” So it’s not that they’ve given up. I think you’re seeing increasing confidence growing in people, saying, “We are moving in the right direction.” But the other thing I think is that people are pretty smart. They know this isn’t gonna happen quickly. I don’t think anybody out there really thought this was gonna come back in two years.

OK, does that make any sense to you? Read the whole thing. We have the happiest, most clueless politician in the world as #2, and the most remote, most ideologically driven and brittle #1 in modern times.

The president is fresh off a disastrous trip to Asia, off on another trip without resolving the massive uncertainty over the tax rates, and now he is picking a fight he cannot win over a treaty that cannot be ratified with Arizona’s Jon Kyl, who is one of the most respected members of the Senate.

Senate Democrats are reported to be angry with the president, and James Carville is in full slash-and-burn mode. What we are witnessing is the dawning recognition that the president is in way over his head, and his “first team” has jumped ship just as many icebergs approach. If the Senate Democrats facing re-election in 2012 allow the taxes to rise, fail to act on spending and expend their energies on the repeal of DADT they are signing on to their own political doom. The country will not stand for any more of the absurdity or posturing that results in the acquittal of terrorists, the groping of citizens, or the wild, ineffectual spending orgy that leaves 9% structural unemployment in its wake.

The GOP needs to firmly and calmly state the tax rates will be made permanent, the spending cuts will be deep, there will be no START in 2011 and perhaps not 2012, and if the president and his left-wing allies want to shut down the government, they have it in their power to do so, but what the country really needs is maturity, not more Joe Biden discourses or Barack Obama ultimatums.

To paraphrase Carville, “It’s a democracy, stupid.” The people spoke.


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