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The Sixth Anniversary of the Hugh Hewitt Show

Monday, July 10, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Today marks the sixth anniversary of the launch of the Hugh Hewitt Show.

I mark the occasion by interviewing lefty, Bush-hating Jonathan Chait about his column in the Los Angeles Times yesterday, in which he compares President Bush to bin Laden in terms of harm done to the U.S.

I also interview Cleveland Plain Dealer foreign affairs columnist Elizabeth Sullivan about her column on the decision of the New York Times and Los Angeles Times to publish the stories on the Swift program which in my view helped terrorists elude capture.

Others dropping by to celebrate the start of year seven: Glenn Reynolds, Mickey Kaus, Claudia Rosett, John Hinderaker, Ed Morrissey, Congressmen David Dreier and John Campbell, James Lileks, John McIntyre, Emmett the Unblinking Eye, Tarzana Joe and of course Champagne Frank Gaffney.  All have been featured guests and regular contributors to the program since year one.

The transcripts of the Chait and Sullivan interviews will be up at later tonight.

Guest are great, of course, but without senior producer Duane, engineer Adam, associate producers Jenny, Moses and Robbie, and a line of interns including Evan, Alex, Diana, Austin, John, Will, Abria, Trent, Katie, Ray, Jamie, Mitch and Michael, the show could not have been on the air much less have become the success it has been and continues to be.  Salem Communications and the Salem Radio Network have built a great platform, and now have extended it with the arrival of  The next six years will be even better.

Today is also my 24rth wedding anniversary, and the Fetching Mrs. Hewitt, far more than anything else except God’s grace, gets the thanks for the show’s success and my happiness.

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