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The Senate’s Immigration Bill

Wednesday, May 31, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

WaPo columnist Robert Samuelson takes a close look at the Senate’s version of immigration reform and reports:

By rough projections, the Senate bill would double the legal immigration that would occur during the next two decades from about 20 million (under present law) to about 40 million.

Sameulson goes on to make the excellent point that the public really doesn’t know what’s in the Senate bill, and that MSM is failing its centralpurpose when it neglects to repeatedly point to the impact of such legislation.

Here’s a radical idea: After the conference committee comes to a tentative compromise, but before that committee stops work, put the draft of the agreement out for public response. Sure it will be noisy and some on the extremes will denounce the compromise immediately, but try letting the public have a chance to speak before finding out that the public’s reaction to a handful of provisions dooms the compromise in one house or the other. After a week of reactions, the conferees could regroup and assess whether or not the mark had been hit.

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