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The Senate Blinks

Thursday, June 29, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

As with the House Resolution, I am informed that the Senate Resolution does not name the Times Two.

From Powerline’s Lt. Colonel:

That members of Congress will vote to send troops into battle but they lack the courage to take a principled stand against the NYT and other media outlets that actively undermine our national security.

I cannot imagine the thought process here, except one of fear of the New York Times, and as with the House Resolution, I hope senators amend this or defeat it.


The draft resolution, said to have been authored by Senator Cornyn, names a date on which damaging stories ran, but not the New York Times or Los Angeles Times.

Thus the AP affiliate in Fresno is blasted along with the papers which did the damage. Courageous, that. Fear of the big dog, so they’ll kick the puppies.


From Polipundit guest milblogger Oak Leaf, on the Hamdan ruling, a sentiment that parallels reaction to the Congressional collapse of courage:

I wasted 12 months of my life in Afgahnistan for this.

Support by the military in the GWOT is going to collapse.

UPDATE: This opinion will go from a ripple to a wave throughout the uniformed military. We were slapped by John McCain last December. Today, we are slapped by the Supreme Court. This afternoon, I am removing myself from the volunteer list at Human Resources Command-St. Louis to re-deploy. I will not be the only one.


Great letter to the editor. One portion:

As a 22-year veteran of military service and someone who has held a top-secret security clearance, I am outraged about these acts by partisan critics of the president who are using their placement and access within the government to undermine the war on terror and place all of us at greater risk.

These individuals need to be identified and brought up on charges of treason for leaking classified information to the media. I urge folks to contact their nationally elected represenatives and request that these crimes be investigated.

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