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“The Senate bill would bolster enforcement…”

Wednesday, May 3, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Does this mean a fence? A long, strong fence, as was approved by the House? The construction of which would begin immediately, and would be exempt from delays brought about by NEPA, ESA CWA etc?

Why the Congress cannot seem to understand the obvious demand for a fence is beyond me. Couple a fence with regularization, and you have a huge achievement, acceptable to most Americans of both parties. Leave the fence out, or try and pretend “enhanced enforcement” or 20 miles ofnew fencing is a fence, and you have a recipe for gridlock and growing contempt for the Senate.

Last night Anderson Cooper hosted a segment where Minutemen went down to the border to build a fence. The existing fence was high and sturdy…and then it stopped. Just stopped. It could be walked around. This is the absurdity that Americans reject. “Enhanced enforcement” seems code for “no fence.”

It also seems code for “GOP loss of the Senate.”

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