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The Second Palin Bounce and the Rise of John McCut

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Sarah Palin’s comeback performance last night re-energized the GOP base, reignited her anti-Manhattan-Beltway elites message and re-opened the door to John McCain. (Don’t miss Bill Dyer’s write-up of the meaning of last night’s debate.)

Now Senator McCain has to walk through that door.

His simple, closing message ought to be that the world is threatened by terrorism, and the global economy is threatened by rising taxes, chains on productivity, pressure on trade, and corrupt, self-dealing political elites at home and abroad.

McCain needs to declare that he’s been around a long time, and he’s seen all the big mistakes made and all the costs paid, and that he isn’t going to stand for it now.

McCain should pledge to be John McCut from day one in the White House:

He’ll cut taxes on new businesses and construction to jump start a flat economy and invigorate employment;

He’ll cut federal spending to make sure we have the resources for those that need it and not those who have gotten fat off of subsidies;

He’ll cut the chains that government has put on productivity, allowing builders to build and energy companies to explore and producers to make;

He’ll cut every trade barrier he can find and commit to an export economy that will surge the growth in American production of the goods and services demanded around the globe;

He’ll cut the corrupt culture of self-dealing that allowed Freddie and Fannie to pump hundreds of billions of bad loans to over-their-head borrowers and into the economy and thereby infect our financial system to the point of collapse;

And finally, he’ll cut the MSM down to size, calling them on their ridiculous double standard that sought to impale Palin while protecting Obama from his past. McCain should demand a MSM that serves that common interest, not the interest of Beltway-Manhattan elites and which holds all elected officials, not just conservative ones, to the fire. McCain should particularly demand that big media look at Fannie and Freddie and who turned them into Frankensteins and who profited thereby.

The “mad as Hell and not going to take it anymore” tone would reflect the mood in the country after the financial tremors of the past month, and the disgust with the Pelosi-Reid Congress and increasingly an absent Obama who, even when he was to be found, spoke only in the sort of finger-in-the-wind cliches that work in seminars but not in crises and certainly not in war.

John McCain has an opportunity not just to win but to demand senators and Congressmen and women he can work with to set the economy right and continue on the path to victory in Iraq, Afghanistan and the wider war.

A country at war and on the brink of economic crisis cannot afford four years of massive tax hikes, redistributionist rhetoric, and retreat. The Obama plan is depression and defeat delivered with ironic detachment. John McCain can stop that from happening, and he ought to spend the next 33 days promising to do so.


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