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The Schumer Collapse: Senator C-3PO.

Thursday, January 12, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I think it is a safe bet that last weekend found Chuck Schumer huddled with aides, carefully plotting his dramatic and crushing examination of Judge Alito. Sometimes seated, with his reading glasses low on his nose and brows furrowed, sometimes pacing as his aides debated various gambits and Schumer nodded and listened with a serious look rarely leaving his face.

In short, Schumer must have spent the weekend staring into the imaginary mirror in his mind: “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Who’s The Most Impressive of The All?”

But it has all come to nothing. Schumer hasn’t mattered, and won’t matter in the floor debates last week. His carefully nurtured self-image as intellectual giant is every bit as much in ruins as Biden’s and Kennedy’s. He hasn’t become the buffoon as has the aging Abbott and Costello to his right, but he has cemented his reputation as a wheedling lightweight.

“That applies to the government as well as the defendant?” Schumer just asked Judge Alito. Yes, patiently explained the Judge. Schumer retreats and changes the subject to a new case.

So it has been all week. What a letdown for the left. Their Darth Vader turns out to be C-3PO.

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