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The Salt Lake City Killings

Tuesday, February 13, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

This “coverage” of the Salt Lake City killings is astonishing  –the lack of it, that is.  There is at least the possibility that the killer in Salt Lake City was a jihadist., but the default setting seems to be “Columbine-style loner.”  My e-mail tells me his name is a common Muslim name, and a Bosnian refugee.  Of course that proves nothing, but it raises questions –except in the MSM.

The sort of analysis that has appeared seems exceedingly strange –it is speculation that refuses to even consider terrorism as a motive:

It is likely that [Sulejman] Talovic was looking to make a statement by picking a public place and firing at seemingly random people.

“We don’t need him to tell us he wants to shoot ’em up and make a name for himself,” King said.

The reason behind the shooting spree may be found through talking to family and friends. Talovic may have dropped clues leading up to his actions, King suggested.

From the trench coat, which could have concealed his weapons initially, and the extra ammunition, these facts speak to the planned nature of the attack.

Farley added it is likely that Talovic knew how he would meet his end – in a gun battle with law enforcement.

“Was this a suicide by police?” he asked.

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