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The Rush To Rationing, Cont.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Yesterday I posted on the rush to pass a radical restructuring of American medicine that will result in health care rationing as surely as day follows night.

On yesterday’s program Politico’s Mike Allen confirmed that the negotiations are ongoing and very secretive, as the Democrats intend to avoid the mistakes of the HillaryCare fiasco of 1993-4. Mike acknowledged what everyone who follows the subject kbnows –the Obama Adminstration is aiming for single payer by another name and introduced slowly rather than suddenly. In today’s Playbook, Allen reports that Frank Luntz has warned the GOP that “reform” is popular, and that they can’t be caught opposing health care reform. Luntz is righr, which is why the GOP must define the debate in true terms rather than get sucked in to the idea that the Obama plan is “reform.”

President Obama’s “Health Care Reform” = Single Payer = Rationing of Health Care.

No fair minded observer can dispute that,or the experience of Canada or other single-payer systems. Republkicans do indeed have to be for “reform that doesn’t morph into rationing.”

Perhaps the country wants to go to single payer and the rationing it guarantees, but I doubt it. Which is why the MSM is simply not reporting on the negotiations and the direction in which they are headed with any sort of depth or with the detail that would ordinarily accompany such a major shift in American life. The Hill leaks and leaks, but not on this subject, or at least those leaks aren’t making their way to the front pages. The AARP, AMA, Big Insurance and Big Pharma are also incredibly quiet, hoping perhaps to cut a better deal or waiting until they have a target. Allen suggests the Chamber of Commerce is at the table, busy off-loading the cost of insurance on to the taxpayer, which will help their bottom lines but which will leave the quality of medical care in America rolling down a very steep slope.

The anti-single payer groups underestimate the speed with which this “compromise” will move once it is unveiled, and the willingness of the MSM to cover for their most favorite president ever. If rationing is going to be defeated, the effort to explain to the American people what this package means and which Democrats are supporting rationing has to begin yesterday.

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