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The Rush To Rationing, Con’t. Old Folks, Get Those Burial Plans Updated

Thursday, May 14, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Finally, a lobbyist sends along the outline of the Waxman plan that will issue from the House to the Conference on Obama/Pelosi/Reid rationing:

The Waxman bill will include:
  • Mandates
    • Individual mandate for all Americans to purchase health insurance.
    • Employer mandate-those who don’t offer insurance will be fined or taxed, not sure which
  • National health insurance exchange.
    • Government will regulate private plans, mandate minimum benefits.
    • Three tier-options will exist for each plan.
    • Individuals and families up to 400% FPL will be given a sliding scale of subsidies to purchase plans in the exchange
    • New regulations private insurance regarding rating and guarantee issue
  • A federal public option will compete with private plans.
    • States can create their own public plans, opting out of the federal public plan.
    • A Medicare payment structure will be used for reimbursement.
    • Public plans will be geographically rated.
  • “Evidenced based medicine practices” will be adopted in the public plan and Medicare/Medicaid (sounds like CE)
  • Incentives to employers to keep employees healthy.
  • Medicaid eligible patients will still receive traditional Medicaid.
  • Workforce issues will be addressed-increasing primary care doctors, loan reimbursements, etc.
  • Expansion of community health centers
  • Improved data collection

The last bullet is my favorite: We can chart the declining expected life span as the elderly get “delayed” into dying. Rationing under such an unbelievably complicated bureaucracy as this one is of the very quiet sort. You never get denied urgently needed medical care. You just never get approved to receive it.

BTW: The MSM continues to write in broad generalities about the approach of rationing, proving again that no matter how radical the proposal, if it is part of the president’s agenda, it deserves a fair shot at being passed before it is examined critically by the Beltway press.

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