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The Romney Endorsement Of Senator McCain

Friday, February 15, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Chris Cillizza assesses some of the reasons behind yesterday’s news, as well as some interesting details of how it came to occur.

But he and many other commentators skip over the most important explanation –the one that will gather even the Arizona senator’s toughest critics into his camp over time: The need for a president committed to pursuing victory in the war across each of its many fronts trumps every other difference, no matter how many or how deep. It is that simple. If you believe Senators Obama and Clinton, they fundamentally fail to understand the consequences of withdrawal in Iraq or the contours of the menace in Iran. Neither appears to grasp the jihadist threat. Senator McCain does. Because Mitt Romney cares deeply about the safety and security of the country, he was certain to endorse Senator McCain. That he did so quickly is a testament to the starkness of the choice facing America, McCain’s complete commitment to victory, and Romney’s understanding of the stakes.

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