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The Romney Campaign

Thursday, September 27, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I usually leave it to Patrick and Dean to assess net-based campaign advances, but note this appeal at MyManMitt to help the site get to its goal of $75 K raised for Mitt Romney’s campaign.

The decentralization of the Romney fundraising plan has been extraordinary and very effective. is the hub, but the number of spokes extending from it is remarkable, and the volunteer effort it presages for the primaries and the general beyond is very good news for the GOP.

Politico’s Mike Allen will be my guest today, and I’ll get his assessment of the GOP race, but as the troubled Thompson campaign flags, it is clearly a Rudy-Mitt race, and the narrowing of the race in New Hampshire underscores this.  The key question: As the other candidates fall away, will their supporters break Romney or Giuliani?

Romney on the stump in CA yesterday:”The Democrats are looking strong right now but they’re overplaying their hand. We’re going to knock them out; don’t worry. We’re going to keep the White House.”

This is exactly what Republicans need to hear, and combining optimism with a sharp call for internal reform is a superb bit of positioning heading into the last quarter of the warm-ups.

(Note that the AP story by Glen Johnson begins with a flat-out deception, stating that Romney “once said donating to his presidential campaign would be a nightmare.”  Here’s the original “nightmare” quote, from a Marc Ambinder report for Hotline, in January, 2008.  Every serious political reporter in the country knows that Romney has always intended to use his money to supplement his fundraising but recognized that a perot-style self-funding could not win a nomination, and Johnson’s bald misstatement of the record makes him either a very bad reporter or a dishonest one.)

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