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The Roll Call in the Senate: The Rollout of Vietnam Syndrome 2.0

Tuesday, November 15, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Here’s the roll call on the Warner amendment that in effect rebukes the president for the conduct of the war, demanding information that has often been supplied and a transition that will be forthcoming if it makes sense, and won’t be if it doesn’t.

(BTW: Here’s the headline in the Washington Post: “Senate Rebukes Bush on Iraq Policy. Bill Passed Demands Updates on Conflict and Codifies Treatment of Detainees”)

Note the “nays” are comprised of both the most clear-eyed concerning the stakes in Iraq and the most relentless of the president’s critics, including Senators Chambliss, Kyl, DeMint, Sessions, Coburn (and McCain,) and Byrd, Kennedy Kerry and Leahy, respectively.


“Bill Frist is dead to me.” One blogger’s reaction. I doubt very much if he is alone.


Varifrank weighs in.

Here’s what Kos is saying

GOP steals Dem plan on Iraq
by kos
Mon Nov 14, 2005 at 11:35:38 PM PDT
See, this is what plagiarism is all about. From the Nitpicker:

Mr. Warner said he decided to take the Democratic proposal and edit it to his satisfaction in an effort to find common ground between the parties on the issue.

Of course, when a Democrat takes the freely offered talking points of an ally and uses them in a letter, it’s called plagiarism. When a Republican just edits a Democratic plan and presents it as a Republican plan, then that’s a “grand vision.” Right, Glenn?

The good news — Republicans are finally starting to come around on Iraq, making noise about applying some accountability to the war effort.

And more good news — Republicans are proving that Democrats are, in fact, the party of ideas and they are, in fact, bereft of them. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be stealing our ideas.

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