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The Rockets from Lebanon

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Three rockets from Lebanon struck in northern Israel, and the IDF immediately categorized them as a “minor event.”

The Israeli response is a small but telling detail from the last many years. Israel does not want war. Hamas in the south and Hezbollah in the north are compelled by their fanaticism to seek war. Israel is provoked, and declines to respond. But if provoked again and again, or in a very serious way such as the kidnapping of an IDF soldier, Israel goes over to the offensive. The the “international community” begins a round of condemnation of Israel.

How about the Security Council and the EU and all the other usual suspects move immediately to condemn Hezbollah and warn the terrorists and their Iranian backers that further provocations will result in the immediate withdrawal of all “observers” from south Lebanon? That might actually send a message that would work to deter a widening conflict.

As Jonah noted yesterday (HT: the enemies of Israel have a Hitlerite agenda that is simply the destruction of the Jews. Lobbing three rockets into the north is just an affirmation of that agenda, a sort of polite round of applause for Hamas. If the world is serious about ending the wars of the Middle East, they will condemn Hezbollah/Iran immediately and loudly and in such a way as to signal that they will not attempt to restrain Israel if the rockets continue. That’s deterrence.

Iran’s network of allies are gearing up, not backing down. (See the huge demonstrations orchestrated in the Syria, another of the mullah’s client states.) Three rockets may not seem like a big deal, but if the response from the West is to ignore them, expect another three, then six, then twelve etc.


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