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The Rising Desperation of Dems and MSM

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Has a presidential race ever been this overanalyzed, or a MSM so actively engaged in trying to extend the story?

Either Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum will be the nominee of the GOP, and it is far, far more likely to be Romney than Santorum. The two candidates agree on practically every issue, so they are campaigning on electability arguments. Romney appears to be carrying this battle, as Stephen Hayes illustrates in the surprising end to his new piece from the Weekly Standard, “Romney Sips Some Tea”:

Maribeth Schmidt is a leader of the “Rattle with Us” Tea Party. Motto: “Our Venom Is Our Vote.” A week earlier, she spent time with Romney as the only undecided voter on a panel of Michigan Republicans. Her group will not endorse, but she said she had heard enough from Romney to make her a supporter. “He didn’t evade anything. We have to have somebody who is going to fight. I saw more of that tonight.”

Electing conservatives to Congress, Schmidt says, will help. “I don’t think he’d turn down a flat tax if the legislature brought one to his desk. If we surround him with conservatives, he could be a very good president. I don’t feel at all uncomfortable with the thought of him as our president.”

Is that something less than an enthusiastic endorsement? No, she says: “I’m an enthusiastic supporter of Mitt Romney.”

I suspect Romney is now being helped by the obvious attempts by MSMers to hinder his candidacy –yesterday’s attempt to turn a Secret Service-ordered venue change into a campaign disaster, or to inflate Ann Romney’s pair of Cadillacs into the end of the world, in Michigan of all places– as well as by the hard left’s attempt to tip the result to Rick Santorum via open primary rules. There is nothing like Kos hating Romney to rally conservatives to his standard.

Rick Santorum has also been dealt with rudely by the increasingly cynical and often just plain dumb national news reporters who aren’t smart enough or fair enough to try and separate a personal religious conviction from an Obama jam down directed primarily at the Catholic Church. The Catholics of Michigan know, however, and now they just have to decide how best to effectively use their vote to get rid of Obamacare and of course the president and thus end the continuing threat to their church.

Romney has taken back the lead in Michigan
and is probably growing it this weekend despite the combined efforts of Kos, NBC, and Politico. (The latter has abandoned 90% of it claim to be anything other than a Team Obama extension. “The Arena” is so far to the left these days that Michael Moore wouldn’t want to write there and ruin his reputation for objectivity.) There is a growing sense of weariness among Republicans of allowing the MSM to do things like mock the Romney rallies or pass off the bigotry of the New York Times’ Charles Blow with a wink and a smile, all the while throwing up a protective wall of reporters around the president. This desire to get on with campaigning full-throated against the president is helped along by the outrageous decision to veto Keystone even as gas heads towards $5 a gallon.

Best of all is the aging Bill Maher giving a million bucks to President Obama, sealing forever the deal that he was anything except a standard issue, not-very-funny left wing propagandist who has survived because stoners like to hear their own frazzled fragments of thought beamed back to them as they endure another late night alone and unloved by the world. Power to Bill and his new best friend Charles Blow, a perfectly matched pair of haters who in fact define the core of the Democratic Party and, increasingly, much of the Manhattan-Beltway Media Elite, the palace guard of failed presidency and a failed ideology they have argued for years would work if it was only given a chance. The GOP troubles are coming to an end, but the president’s are just beginning, because there is no changing his record or the spotlight that will shift to it as soon as the GOP is done with its business of nominating its standard bearer.

Here’s a glimpse of the near future. A tweet flashed around yesterday, urging people post a sticky note on gas pumps:

In ten days, after Ohio, VA, and a few other states, the GOP will almost certainly have clarity. And no matter when the nominee is clear, there will be clarity about the president. So let not your hearts be troubled, the country isn’t going to give Barack Obama and his friends like Kos, Bill Maher, and Charles Blow another four years behind the wheel.


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