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The Right Questions About Rev. Wright

Monday, March 31, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Of course the MSM is laying down on the Obama-Wright story, and the senator is hoping the saliency meter drops this week (and that doesn’t start spinning with new posts mentioning his name.)

But Pete Wehner shows that there is much more digging to be done. The fact is that Senator Obama was a member of Trinity for two decades. About the theology of the the church there is zero appropriate inquiries, but its political advocacy –and there was a lot of political advocacy– illuminates Senator Obama’s core beliefs. Wehner points to the weekly church bulletins, and he is right to do so. In one from June 10, 2007, an article titled “Open Letter To Oprah” accuses Israel of developing a bomb that would kill only Arabs. This sort of extreme anti-Israel rhetoric should be put before Senator Obama and he should be obliged to rebut it in detail.

Finally, Professor Althouse weighs in on the Obama resume padding:

If your title was “lecturer” and you’re applying for a job, you shouldn’t say “I was a law professor.” Even though it can be defended as not a lie, you’re exaggerating and not being strictly scrupulous about the facts.

Read the whole thing. Obama’s imagination and his very selective memory is going to be a source of smiles over the next few months.

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