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The Rezko Gambit:Hillary’s Only Option?

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Senator Obama brushed off a Hillary rally in Wyoming on Saturday and won the cowboy vote and all the delegates. He will almost certainly will crush her in Mississippi tomorrow.

Clinton’s Rush-powered wins in Texas and Ohio can’t obscure Clinton’s awful record in match-ups against Obama in more than a dozen states, and she cannot possibly catch him in delegates before Denver.

So either she concedes or the the Dems writhe right through the first ballot in Denver, more than five months from now. Obama has won the voting, and his lead in total votes cast like his lead in delegates won in elections cannot be erased.

The only way for Hillary to win the nomination is to destroy Obama’s reputation among the super-delegates to such an extent that they will fear a ticket led by him will result in a crushing loss in November. Team Clinton has to be digging deep into all things Rezko as well as every aspect of Obama’s life and political career.

Keep your eye on Rezkorama for the latest leaks from the Clinton backroom to various bloggers and MSMers.

The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza gives a glimpse of the realities Hillary faces:

But all of these results had presented the Clinton campaign with an arithmetical dilemma. In the remaining dozen primary contests, which include the March 8th Wyoming caucus and stretch to the South Dakota primary, on June 3rd, Clinton needs to win by huge margins in order to overcome the more than hundred-delegate lead that Obama still enjoyed after March 4th. By that calculation, Clinton could reach the number of delegates needed to secure the nomination only by appealing to the so-called superdelegates-elected and Party officials who aren’t bound by actual voting in the primaries and caucuses. Would it be acceptable, I asked McAuliffe, for the superdelegates to overturn the results of the popular vote?

“You keep trying to contend the nomination is over tonight!” McAuliffe replied loudly and happily, pointing and waving his arms. “I’m telling you we have twelve states to go. Don’t tell me about the popular vote. You call me in June and then talk to me about it. We don’t know where we’re going to be. We have a lot of states. I don’t want you disenfranchising all these great states coming up. . . . Why don’t you like these people?”

The next day, a Clinton adviser was more candid about what lies ahead. “Inside the campaign, people are not idiots,” she told me. “Everyone can do the math. It isn’t like the Obama campaign has some special abacus. We can do these calculations, too. Everyone recognizes how steep this hill is. But you gotta keep your game face on.”

Game face or no game face, Clinton’s only way to win is to bleed Obama. The best way to do that is via the obvious stage that the Rezko trial presents. With so much attention focused on Tony, Team Clinton may be able to slip the dagger in without anyone noticing that the info surfaces in a strange way. The path to a superdelegate’s vote is through a Chicago courtroom.


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