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The Reynolds’-McCain Podcast: The Future of Politics

Thursday, July 13, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Glenn and Helen Reynolds conducted a podcast interview with Senator John McCain.

Some may conclude that this was “narrow-casting” in one sense because even though Instapundit has a huge huge blogger audience, that audience is less than a small cable show.

But they would be wrong, and not just because –with the reynolds’ permission– I broadcast the entire interview over my program today.

The key is in who reads/listens to Instapundit/the Reynolds’ podcasts.

Almost certainly the bulk of these reader/listeners are primarily “influencers,” eager for a serious conversation with a public figure conducted by accomplished intellectuals, not by the familiar voices of big media, and certainly not mediated by the old print media.

Candidates spend hours and hours with editorial boards and various other sort of reporters, only to see stories result that at best incompletely report their views, and some which outright distort them.

The time investment with podcasters like the Reynolds or the Northern Alliance is simply far more productive than sit-downs with the dinosaur press, and more productive as well for the voter tired of gotcha journalism and the same five questions shouted by fifty different reporters at a press conference.. 

Any consultant worth his or her salt will be looking for long form interviews with such professionals (and of course, with long form interviewers working on talk radio.)

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