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The President”s Speech To The American Legion

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It was another superb speech, full of specifics and an argument about the necessity for patience with the Iraqi government –which is a freely elected government.. Like the information contained in the interview with Admiral Redd which I posted on below, the president’s remarks have not gotten any significant  MSM play at all.  After I played the speech, caller after caller and e-mailer after e-mailer wanted to know why the president hasn’t been making this sort of speech for the past year.  My response is that he often has, but as with today’s speech, MSM chooses not to carry all or even any significant portion of the address, just like Admiral Redd’s warning is being overlooked.

The Beltway-Manhattan media elite will be like rabid dogs if another attack hits America or if genocide engulfs Iraq after an American withdrawal.  If either of those terrible events occur, keep in mind that many warnings were given but the MSM was too busy to bother to broadcast them.

The conclusion to the president’s address today::

So it’s going to take time for the recent progress we have seen in security to translate into political progress. In short, it makes no sense to respond to military progress by claiming that we have failed because Iraq’s parliament has yet to pass every law it said it would.

The American people know how difficult democracy can be. Our own country has an advanced and sophisticated political system in place. Yet even we can’t pass a budget on time — and we’ve had 200 years of practice. (Applause.) Prime Minister Maliki and other Iraqi leaders are dealing with the issues far more controversial and complicated, and they are trying to do it all at once, after decades of a brutal dictatorship. Iraq’s leaders aren’t perfect. But they were elected by their people. They want what we want — a free Iraq that fights terrorists instead of harboring them. And leaders in Washington need to look for ways to help our Iraqi allies succeed — not excuses for abandoning them. (Applause.)

The challenge is before us — the challenge before us is hard, but America can meet it. And the conflict has come at a cost, on behalf of a cause that is right and essential to the American people. It’s a noble cause. It is a just cause. It is a necessary cause. I wouldn’t have asked the young men and women of our military to go in harm’s way if I didn’t think success in Iraq was necessary for the security of the United States of America. (Applause.) I know it can be difficult to see sometimes, but what happens on the streets of Baghdad and in the neighborhoods of Anbar has a direct impact on the safety of Americans here at home. And that is why we’re in this fight. And that’s why we’ll stay in the fight, and that is why we’re going to win this fight. (Applause.)

One of the great blessings of this country is that our men and women in uniform understand it. One of those young men was Specialist First Class Stephen Davis of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Stephen came from a proud military family. His father and grandfather were veterans. His younger brother, his mother, and her father were all stationed with him in Iraq.

When Stephen was killed by an insurgent grenade on the Fourth of July, their hearts were broken. And yet, somehow this remarkable family found a way to put aside their grief and continue to serve our country. Stephen’s mother said that Stephen was proud of what they were doing in Iraq — so six days after the funeral, she went back on duty as a medic. His father, Buck, a Gulf War veteran, says he wants to go to Iraq today. This family represents the best of the American spirit — a spirit that shows we have the grit and the will to defend the American people. (Applause.)

One day years from now, another president will be in a room like this. That president will look out upon a sea of caps worn by those who show a quiet pride in their service. Some in that audience will include people who won the fight against fascism and Nazism and communism. You’ll be joined by younger veterans who have fought in places like Kandahar and Ramadi. And just like you, the new generation of veterans will be able to say proudly they held fast against determined and ruthless enemies, helped salvage an entire region from tyranny and terror, and made a safer world for the American people.

To those future members of the American Legion, and to all of you, I offer the gratitude of our nation, and offer my prayers for a future of peace. Thank you. And may God America. (Applause.)


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