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The President’s Horrible, Terrible, Very Bad Week, $5 Friday, and Arthur Brooks “The Road to Freedom”

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It is $5 Friday. Go and give $5 (or $50 or $500) to your favorite candidate or cause, confident that the wind is at your back, because it sure has been in the president’s face for the past seven days.

Rarely, in fact, has a candidate had as bad a week as President Obama did over the past Friday to Friday.

An awful jobs report was followed by election results in Europe that foreshadow the fall’s rejection of the president, and then it got worse.

The hilariously overdone Julia made the president and his vaunted Chicago Team an object of scorn, and the president’s imaginary friend won’t be forgotten by Team Romney –well, forever. “Julia, Julia, Julia” will be the chant in Tampa Bay. Can we get a remix of Bobby Sherman’s “Julie” please? Close enough as it is, but just a tweak will make it perfect as a reminder of the president’s vision of dependency for all, power for a few.

Slow Joe Biden got out over his skies and tripped the president for the 50th time, and president fell hard, declaring for same sex marriage the day after North Carolina –a key swing state– rejected the idea by an overwhelming margin. Even the president’s cheering section at Politico had to admit the move hurt the president in pretty much every swing state.

Then the president jetted off to be with George, Babs and the Hollywood set, which Manhattan-Beltway media elites think is grand but which doesn’t sit well with the 11% who are unemployed or so discouraged they have dropped out of the hunt. He did arrange to raffle off two tickets for the masses, which is pretty much how his economic policies have worked for the past four years. His close friends do well. The people he promised to help get a glimpse in the window.

Did I mention the polls? Everyone one of them which sample “likely voters” is full of terrible news for the president, and Gallup’s the worst news of all, and it was of registered voters.

Mitt Romney had his challenges of course, assailed by 50 year old charges that he was the popular kid at his high school and bullied someone whom no one had ever heard of during a Senate campaign, a governorship campaign and the first presidential campaign not to mention 30 primaries. America shrugged. That’s it? That’s all Obama can gather on Romney? And what exactly did the president do during his high school years, and college years, and as a “community organizer” and at Harvard Law? That wasn’t a productive door to open, but these are desperate times in Chicago.

So desperate that the president’s friends leaked delicate national security info to try and make the boss look competent with regards to something. A very good thing that the good guys penetrated the bad guys and got the vest and blew up a senior terrorist. A very bad thing that we know about it.

Oh, and Israel is moving to war footing. And the Euro is staggered and dragging our markets down. And Dodd-Frank didn’t stop J.P.Morgan from blowing a couple of billion any more than it stopped Jon Corzine from blowing much much more.

The president’s in a political free fall, but his pals in MSM don’t/won’t see it. Instead they write about Mitt Romney’s problems even as the former Massachusetts governor has brought the GOP together behind him –what, no “brokered convention”– and even as he moves from Obama-indicting backdrop to backdrop, this week with the Colorado oil fields that haven’t been explored and tapped messaging to the country that gas need not be as high as it is, or unemployement as high as it is. Governor Mitch Daniels was my guest on Thursday’s show —transcript here— and his point about keeping the eye on the economic ball needs to be repeated every day to every GOP candidate.

Sign up to volunteer at Go to the ActRight button in the right column and pick at least one other campaign to support. The grown ups and the serious people are coming back to clean up after the crazy party, and there’s a chance we might be ok. There’s also a chance he’ll burn the house down trying, Keystone Kops style, to save his job.

Meanwhile, the conservative renaissance continues to pour out new arguments, books and blueprints on how to execute the U Turn we desperately need. The most recent is Arthur Brook’s The Road To Freedom. Arthur is AEI’s president, and he’ll be my guest in hours two and three today, talking about how to make the moral case for free enterprise, arguments that would be like an untranslated dialect to the Hollywood folks cheering the president last night, but which are intuitive and deeply embedded in the American DNA. Get the book –get a few copies for your friends– and set the stage for the campaign.

Off to Colorado Springs where I will broadcast tonight and speechify tomorrow. If you need a Mother’s Day present, go give a donation to Mitt Romney, wrap the receipt in a box, and tell the moms in your life you are giving her the future of the country.

Speaking of Mother’s Day, here’s Ann Romney’s piece from an experienced mom,
and here are the somewhat hurried scribblings of a brand new mom on the eve of her first Mother’s Day, which will probably sound familiar to many moms out there.

Thanks to all those moms for making a great country. It wasn’t the government that raised the nation’s Julias. It was you and all the dads.


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