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The President’s Hail Mary

Wednesday, September 2, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Sigh. Yet another hectoring on why we should want to dismantle American medicine and pay more to do so from the POTUS on the TOTUS. Breathless reports from CNN about Olympia Snowe’s willingness to deal aside, the White House looks desperate at this point, and with public opinion turning as rapidly as it has against Obamacare, that desperation is understandable.

People warned the president about overexposure, and now he’s already in reruns eight months into his presidency. Obamafatigue has set in, and ham-handed stunts like addressing the nation’s school children only add to the woes of a White House stuck with a thinly-disguised push to single payer built on the rationing of medical services to seniors.

The only question of interest now is how many Democratic incumbents are willing to lose their seats in service to President Obama. Pushing through any “reform” at this point could cost Democrats massively in November, 2010. I suppose there are a few Alinskyites who don’t mind being retired in order to advance the president’s agenda. Enough to pass Obamacare though?

Talk about it in The Hughniverse.

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