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“The Power of the Blogs” and the Sherpas Who Write Them.

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From this morning’s New York Times:

From this morning’s New York Times:


Reporters say that these developments are forcing them to change how they do their jobs; some are asking themselves if they can justify how they are filtering information

The article –in the business ssection– recognizes that MSM has been filtering news, has been selectively quoting sources, and has been upended by blogs that do neither.

“The good old days” when those with the access could control the story are gone. Meloncholy is the best way to describe the air of the piece’s pro agenda-journalism slant. Like a buggy maker’s sighs as the cars that first annoyed then disturbed finally became not a nuisance or a challenge but an eclipse.

“They will always need buggies,” I am sure the best buggy assembler said to himself:

Ms. MacKinnon predicted that traditional journalism and the art of distilling information would not vanish. “Most people don’t have hours and hours every day to read the Web, and they want someone who can quickly and succinctly tell you what you need to know,” she said. “But it’s great the raw materials can be made available to those who have the time.”

I described bloggers as sherpas to Soledad O’Brien a year ago when on a book tour for Blog. A year later and the New York Times still doesn’t seem to udnerstand that while readers/viewers do indeed “want someone who can quickly and succinctly tell you what you need to know,” they don’t want it to be any of the hard left agenda journalists of the Times or its other sisters in elite MSM journalism. Rather, the reliable sherpas of the blogosphere are leading folks through the mountains of new information that build each year.

Perhaps by January 2, 2007 the New York Times will have gotten around to admitting that its reputation as a reliable reporter of facts was lost long before Jason Blair and has never been recovered, that Maureen Dowd and Paul Krugman are jokes among most center-right Americans and a good portion of the left as well, that Valerie Plame has always been a non-story, that leaking of top secret surveillance programs of al Qaeda conducting surveillance on it sagents in America etc etc etc was the problem, not the rise of a new information network.

Readers took to the new information highway not because it was there, but because it was better. Until the old roads are repaired, they won’t be coming back except on those occasions where there isn’t any alternative. Those occasions are fewer and fewere as the new network expands, find Roggio and Yon in Iraq, Barone, Powerline and Instanpundit online, and new aggregators with original reporting appearing monthly.


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