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The Politico and Rudy

Friday, February 23, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

After my interview with Rudy Giuliani, I’ll be joined by John Harris, editor of The Politico, the new paper inside the Beltway.  I heard a presentation by the Politico’s Jean Cummings today at a Heritage Foundation day-long meeting on the new media that left me thinking that every employee of every Washington D.C. bureau of a mid-major paper should start brushing up their resume.  The Politico is assembling a team of all-stars from the world of political and government reporting.  Once the assembly line gets under way and the kinks worked out, I expect the Politico will begin to offer its content to all papers for a fee, much like the AP.  Because of the credentials of its staff, the product will in all likelihood be far superior to that produced by the D.C. reporters of the far away papers.  Better Beltway content at a fraction of the price of maintaining  D.C. bureau –the writing is on the wall.

The Washington Examiner is also putting together a roster of all-stars, but it isn’t clear whether its content will be available to all comers as I suspect the Politico’s will be before long.

Note: The transcript of my interview with Rudy is here.  We spent a fair amount of the time talking judges.  When I asked him about the first President Bush’s nomination of David Souter, the Mayor responded, “All of us make mistakes.”

The transcript of my interview with John Harris will be posted here later.

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