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The Picture Seen Round The World (Except In MSM)

Thursday, November 2, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The picture seen ’round the world is not in the Los Angeles Times, which is not only against Republicans these days, but news as well and the circulation it brings.

It did of course make the New York Post, which is winning the circulation war in New York because it pays attention to news.

Let me know if the picture made it into your hometown paper, and if so, on what page.

The contempt demonstrated toward the military by MSM through the Kerry meltdown is obvious and more than disappointing.

My column today, “What The MSM Doesn’t Know, And Doesn’t Care To Find Out,” is on this contempt.

The election will turn on whether Americans trust the MSM-supported Pelosi-Kerry-Dean-Michael Moore-Patrick Leahy-Kosputin Democrats with power.

Agenda journalists everywhere ask “Why not?”

One part of the answer is in the blackout of the picture seen ’round the world.


This site carries the front page of hundreds of newspapers.  I haven’t been able to screen them yet, but the first dozen don’t show the “picture.”

If Time or Newsweek put the picture on either cover, the issue would sell at a better rate than normal.  But that would take those magazines off message, so don’t hold your breath.

And don’t miss A.J. Strata this AM.


The Philly News didn’t run the picture.  But given this front page, the News can be forgiven.


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