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The Pesident’s Speech: A Big Dud

Monday, September 14, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

From an ABC analysis of a poll conducted after last Wednesday’s big speech:

More continue to think reform will worsen rather than improve their own care, costs and coverage. There’s still a nearly even split on whether it’ll improve care for most people in general. More think it’ll weaken rather than strengthen Medicare. And nearly two-thirds think it’ll boost the already vast federal deficit


Democrats who vote for anything resembling Obamacare are endangering their re-election. Not only are the proposals ruinous of a great American medical system, they are deeply unpopular and the Congress knows this. Seniors especially are right to be very distressed by the prospect of massive cuts to the Medicare budget.

To pass such a scheme in the face of strong national opposition is to announce to the plebes that their opinions don’t matter to the lefty elites running the Democratic Party and the Obama Administration. That sort of arrogance will not fade from memory by next November.

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