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The Pentagon’s New Map

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I begin the eight week, one hour-one-chapter-at-a-time series of interviews with Thomas Barnett about his book The Pentagon’s New Map this Tuesday in the program’s second hour.

The idea has received a lot of applause from the virtual audience, though not without some grumbling.  One example that mixes both reactions:

I am delighted with your idea to present Mr. Barnett’s new book as a kind of radio-book club conversation. It’s *brilliant*.
As a talk radio listener, I find the major problem with book plugs is that even if it’s a great interview, I am never available to purchase the book right then; by the time I am, I’ve heard 3 other great book plugs, and not only can I not spend my whole paycheck at Amazon, but I’ve lost the detailed interest in just one book–they all seem interesting, but the details slip away before I find one so captivating that it gets to the top of the list.
Moreover, when I do read the book, I’m annoyed that the author is no longer available in a Q&A format. Having us read before, just as you do, and then ask questions sounds fantastic and intriguing. I’m looking forward to participating in this book club. I hope that with later chapters you will support a vox bloguli to help gather questions and ideas, and facilitate more discussion.
My only complaint is that you haven’t given us enough warning to buy the book at Amazon in time for chapter one.
The book is widely available in paperback in bookstores, I replied, and Amazon has overnight shipping, but the idea of a vox blogoli on the subject after the first week is a very good one.
A second set of complaints have come from the anti-Barnetts who warn me that he favored John Kerry and isn’t worried about Iran getting nukes.  To which I can only reply that I was fully briefed on Mr. Barnettby ardent supporters of President Bush and action against Iran but who nevertheless deeply respect the quality of his analysis in the book, and look forward to eight great conversations the design of which is to generally inform and entertain an audience from left to right about the strategic situation the United States finds itself in as we enter the most crucial phase of the conflict in Iraq and the confrontation in Iran.  His book is not about what to do next week, or whom you ought to have voted for in 2004, or in 2008.  Read it and you’ll understand why I have decided to try this approach with this book and author.


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