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The Pathetic John Kerry and The Spineless Demcorats

Tuesday, October 31, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

John Kerry is trying to be against his slur on the American military after being for it.

He is trying to argue that he was referring to Bush as the one “stuck in Iraq.”

To his slander on the military we know add deception and a very low level of opinion of the American electorate who can listen and judge for themselves.

John McCain has called on Kerry for an apology, as will the millions of veterans and active duty military and their families.  The arrogant Kerry has exposed his deep contempt for the men and women in uniform, just as he did when he testified long ago about Genghis Kahn etc.

So where are the Democrats denouncing the Kerry slur?

The same place they were at when Al Gore tried to disenfranchise military voters in the Florida recount:  Nowhere to be found.

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