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The Paris Riots: So, how’s the tourism looking, Jacques?

Thursday, November 3, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Another rough night in the suburbs of Paris.

“It’s a dramatic situation. It is very serious and we fear that the events could even get worse tonight,” said Francis Masanet, secretary general of the UNSA police trade union.

The authorities have to worry that the chaos presents an inviting context for any terrorist cells to act, as such an attack would further inflame the young rioters.

The decision by France to oppose the liberation of Iraq, and to do so with underhanded tactics, coupled with the manifest oil-for-food-for-dictators-for-French pols U.N. scandal had isolated the French government, even as these riots will chill the tourist trade, no matter how the government struggles to argue that these are isolated incidents far from the city center. The sooner that Chirac leaves the stage, the better for everyone, and his successor will no doubt spend a lot of time attempting to repair the deep damage Chirac has done to the American-French and British-French relationships.

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