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The Palin Pop Continues

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I am limiting my callers to first time callers who are women until there aren’t any more. Thus far all the lines have been jammed all the time. Why? See this post, towards the end. It isn’t that women are agreeing with her ideas, though many are. It is that many more are identifying with her experiences and value those experiences. From the e-mail pile:

As a 50 yr old woman with 3 girls (one with Rett Syndrome), I absolutely love Sarah Palin!!
Here’s why:
  1. She’s courageous: she did not take the cowardly way out and abort her down syndrome child who was not planned, bad timing with her governor’s career and of course, disabled.
  2. She authentic: she is WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). That’s so darn rare in politics these days! [# More #]
  3. She’s not a people pleaser: in her convention speech when she said: “…news flash…I’m not seeking the approval of you commentators etc., rather I’m going to Washington to serve the people”. I loved that!!!
So many other likable traits about her. I can’t wait to see her debate Biden! I think she’ll kick you know what!
Best regards,
Another one:
Dear Mr. Hugh Hewitt,
I tried calling in, but it is busy. My time is limited, as I’m sure many other people who listen to your show is too, therefore I am emailing you instead.
Okay, what I want to say to you and for others to hear as well is this:
I am a 42-year-old married mother of three. I own my own home-based business. My husband is 43 and also self-employed. We are high school sweethearts and are Catholic. I had the privilege of being able to vote for Reagan in 1984. I never really got into politics or religion though until after 9/11. I only had one question: Why? I started educating myself about politics and religion. I read books about Islam and realized I was lied to in school. I was led to believe that we could all sing around the campfire singing Kumbaya. I became awakened and started paying more attention to the Demo and Repub parties. I had been an Independent, because I was also lied to about the Repubs. I realized too that i was a Repub all along, so I switched parties. I had become dismayed though in the Repub party for about two or three years now though because I have felt like they have no backbone and that they were only in it for themselves. Nobody was speaking for us. The fence still hasn’t been completed, illegal immigration still hasn’t really been taken care of, social security and medicare/medical programs need to be revamped, I feel like we haven’t fought hard enough in this war on terror, and their is too much political correctness.
I loved Ronald Reagan and for what he stood for. I get teary-eyed when I hear some of his recorded speeches and quotes. I have been yearning for a leader with backbone for this country for awhile now and I finally see that in Sarah Palin. That is why I am excited about her. Not because she is woman, but for what she stands for and what she has accomplished and what she is capable of doing and that she doesn’t take any crap from anybody. I see that leadership in her. It’s kinda neat though that this leader that many of us has been waiting for is a woman. Wow, I can’t say enough great things about her. It’s like you said on Friday, August 29th on your show, “What’s not to like?”. I grew up with hunters and I fished. I was an outdoor girl and still am. I got involved with my children’s school to make it better and I believe in cleaning up the political arena. I am not discounting McCain, don’t get me wrong, I was going to vote for him anyways because I knew it was important to vote than be a no vote because that would be a vote for Obama. I donated to the McCain/Palin campaign on Sunday. I saw right away that she is the future of this Republican party and getting it back to the grassroots of the Reagan era. Happy Days are here again!
P.S. I’m sure McCain will do a fine job as President.


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