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The Palin Breakout, Part 3

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The Los Angeles Times’ Andrew Malcolm –demonstrating daily that old media can excel at new media– offers a fascinating glimpse at how Team McCain handled the potential negatives in Governor Palin’s past.

The outpouring of supportive, favorable and emotional e-mails continues and I will again limit today’s callers to women who are moved by Governor Palin’s nomination. This is an unprecedented reaction, and MSM’s ideological blinkers are blinding them to the powerful effect of Governor Palin’s life story and her appearance Friday, an effect that has been increased by the weekend smearing by Obamians with blogs and their Beltway-Manhattan media elite allies.

UPDATE: Here is one of the stream of e-mails I have been receiving:

Hi Hugh:

I listen to your show almost every evening here in Houston on 1070 KNTH while I make dinner for my family. The only time I miss your show is if we are out running to gymnastics lessons, Cub Scout events, etc. Thank you for all that you do, you are now my favorite talk show host, with Rush running a close second!

I had to write in to tell you how I feel about Sarah Palin. I am a 37 year old mother of two elementary school aged children. I have never been excited about John McCain, because I think he is too moderate, or even too liberal, on many issues. I was having a very hard time getting excited about his candidacy, and really didn’t want to vote for him in November. Hearing Sarah Palin speak at her “coming out” in Ohio got me excited about the GOP ticket for the first time this year! I am now ready to not only vote for McCain/Palin, but to donate money (which is extremely tight in our house right now) and to campaign for them.

Sarah Palin is an inspiration to me, and I hope she will be an inspiration to my children, especially my young daughter. I taught Special Education classes at the elementary level for many years before staying home when our son was born. I also had a beloved aunt who was mildly mentally retarded and had multiple birth defects. She was only 10 years older than me, so we spent a lot of time together before she died. I loved her dearly, and my eyes filled with tears seeing Sarah Palin’s precious baby boy, Trig. Yes, he happens to have Down’s Syndrome, but he is also a precious gift from God, a child who deserves a loving family who will see that he has a fulfilling life. My young son tells us almost every day that he wants to be a soldier in the Army, so now he can look up to John McCain’s sons and Sarah Palin’s son Track as role models. John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin has given me a renewed hope for the future of the GOP. I can see a party that actually returns to a conservative platform of social conservatism and fiscal reform.[# More #]

My brother is the “Mr. Mom” to his three children, and he is a great dad. My sister-in-law is a wonderful mother and a great person. She also happens to be the breadwinner in their family right now, since she works for a major energy company based here in Texas. They make that family arrangement work. I think that the liberals who are going to start trying to chip away at Palin for supposedly not being there for her children are making a HUGE mistake. There are more families out there than they think who are in the same situation as my brother’s family. They make it work by sharing responsibilities, just like my husband and I share responsibilities while he works full-time and I work part-time. The Palins obviously have a loving marriage that has withstood many challenges, and they will work together to raise their children while Palin serves her country. Also, liberal democrats are the ones who have been telling me for years that I am a sell-out and a traitor to women because I stayed home to raise our children even though I have a Master’s degree. You can’t have it both ways! Women across the country are going to see liberals for the hypocrites that they are when they try to criticize Palin for NOT staying home. I think that many people are underestimating the appeal that Sarah Palin has to women from all walks of life.

I am so happy about this choice! I am originally from a small town in Texas. I know that Beltway insiders may have a hard time believing this, but many Americans have the experience of living in a small town at some point in our lives, even if we live in big cities now. Palin will appeal to the real people who live in the United States – those of us who are struggling every day to make ends meet in difficult economic times, yet who still believe that this is the greatest nation on God’s green earth, to quote one of my other favorite talk show hosts.

One last thing, I have to comment on Bristol Palin. I think that the MSM is making a HUGE mistake in attacking Sarah Palin and her pregnant teenaged daughter. How is it that we as a country can lift Jamie Lynn Spears up on a pedestal as a model for teens everywhere (which I didn’t agree with) yet now Sarah Palin is a horrible mother and her daughter is a tramp because she is pregnant? I do not think any less of the Palins because of Bristol’s pregnancy. There are many women who will look at this precious young woman and think, “There but for the grace of God go I”, because we weren’t all perfect in our teen years. Sarah and Todd Palin obviously didn’t want Bristol to get pregnant at such a young age, and said as much in their statement, yet they love their precious child. They are handling this situation with as much love, compassion, and grace as possible, and I admire them even more for that. Would liberal parents rather they throw Bristol out, or worse yet, that they force her to get an abortion? She and Levi will have some hard times ahead as teen parents, but thank God that they have the love and support of their families!

McCain/Palin 2008!


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