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The Overreach of the Special Interests of the Left

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The public employee unions and AARP have spent the last decade at war with the people they purport to serve.

The Washington Post’s Robert Samuelson wrote about AARP earlier this week
, and Salem’s Lee Habeeb tackled the “Astroturf activists” of Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana. Both will be on today’s show to discuss the collapse of credibility of the AARP’s and of the public employee unions, and I will continue to urge everyone over 55 to join the rapidly expanding AMAC as we work to build a counterweight in Washington to the hard left politics of AARP.

AARP’s decline in the esteem of the public is not as rapid as the public employee unions but both special interests will find it almost impossible to reclaim their past levels of acceptance by the public. AARP of course worked to impose Obamacare on an unwilling public, and the public employee unions continue to insist that they alone among all segments of American workers get to escape the impacts of the “Great Recession.”

The New York Times again this morning tries to understand what is happening in statehouses across the country, but either cannot grasp or refuses to articulate what the vast majority of Americans know: the special interests of the left have used the past few years to obscenely feather their own nests and abuse their political power to impose wildly burdensome schemes on the taxpayers.

This isn’t hard to figure out, and the more camera time the “activists” in the state capitols receive, the more they injure their claims to disinterested public service. Every time AARP runs a commercial, more and more viewers think “Obamacare,” and conclude that the left wing activists running the group have run it onto the far left bank of American politics.

The House of Representatives decisions to tackle the federal funding of Planned Parenthood and NPR as well as the vast overreaches of the radical environmentalists now nested in the EPA further confirm that the great domestic reset is underway and gathering momentum. No one enjoys having to impose discipline on the teachers, but the alternative of raising taxes is simply unimaginable.

That’s the hard fact of the present situation, both as to Obamacare and the costs of public employee union contracts: The voters cannot afford to pay any more in taxes, and seniors cannot afford to see AARP act against their interests any longer. The new Gallup numbers show this, and the governors are recognizing that their candor and resolve is gathering strength. Expect the revolt of the taxpayers and the seniors to continue, and if the House GOP is paying attention, they will stand and fight on the CR, and again on the debt limit and the FY ’12 budget including on entitlements.


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