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Friday, October 21, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I’ll be on Sean Hannity’s Great American Panel tonight, and I hope we discuss the major American setback in Iraq, as well as the Washington Post’s attack on Marco Rubio and Steve Jobs’ blunt prediction on the president’s political future. The White House is trying to spin our forced exit from Iraq as a campaign promise kept, but even Fareed Zakaria bluntly told Wolf Blitzer earlier today that this was a major disappointment to the country and a defeat of American hopes for the region. The global retreat in the face of growing Iranian recklessness continues, and the mullahs are the happiest of all our enemies today.

Before heading over to FNC though, I’ll be broadcasting from the Empire State Building with a show that will focus on the Iraq decision in the first two hours and then feature in the place of an hour on the movies, a conversation with rising Broadway composer Adam Gwon, whose “I’ll be Here” touched so many in my audience this week when I played it during the interview with Mike and Gina Spehn on their book The Color of Rain. The Spehns are scheduled to be on with Mike Huckabee tomorrow so be sure to catch that show as well.

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