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The NRCC’s “Young Guns”

Wednesday, March 11, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Nice write-up in yesterday’s about the effort by the National Republican Congressional Committee to thin the crowd of GOP candidates asking for NRCC money.

The NRCC is smart to raise the bar, but it also needs to raise its own bar. The website is right out of 1998, and developing a list of target districts and showing a way back to the majority are key priorities that are necessary to energizing the base that is skeptical of the NRCC’s performance in the past two cycles. It is a new team and it is taking a new direction, but communicating that to more than candidates is crucial and has to be undertaken quickly.

One other GOP note: Jim Geraghty passes along the gossip that some long knives are out for Michael Steele, which looks like DNC agitprop. Steele’s talented and will find his footing. Steele would be smart to ask Norm Coleman to serve as a senior deputy on foreign affairs if the trial over the MN Senate race drags on and on or if Franken wins, but the idea of trying to mount a coup to remove the new chairman is just nuts. When lefty blogs are flogging such an idea, you have to conclude that they realize Steele could become a formidable voice for the GOP in the years ahead.

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