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“The Next Two Contests Are Caucuses: Kansas And Washington State.”

Wednesday, February 6, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

From The Corner:

Why Does Romney Win More Caucuses Than Primaries? [Byron York]

Last night’s results show a curious trend for Mitt Romney: He wins mostly in states that have caucuses instead of primaries. Minnesota, Alaska, Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, Maine, Nevada, and Wyoming-all caucuses, all won by Romney. Meanwhile, the only primary states Romney has won are Michigan, Massachusetts, and Utah, all states where he has a personal connection. So why does Romney do better with caucus-goers than with ordinary voters? This morning I asked Romney spokesman Kevin Madden how he read the results. His response:

Caucuses are ordinarily dominated by grassroots party activists who actively follow the race. It’s very encouraging that those who are following the race closely and who represent the party’s conservative base are actively supporting the governor.

I would agree. though, with the observation that the fact that Romney is still the “new” guy to the race who was an unknown only a few months ago has been a challenge.

More -Madden sends a postscript: “The next two contests are caucuses: Kansas and Washington state.”

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