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The New Yorker and Me

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The New Yorker’s Nicholas Lemann has written a profile on me, but it isn’t available online, so I will have to wait until this afternoon to see the result of Nick’s visit west. The title: RIGHT HOOK:
Going after the liberal media.

It is a little surprising that the magazine, which makes some of its contents available online, kept the profile of a blogger in the paper edition. But TriGeekDreams will like the cover.

The “adopt a box of docs” initiative is nearing completion, with all 136 boxes of the Roberts docs “adopted” by a blogger, and more than 100 of them analyzed and the results posted at Radioblogger. The master list and updated links to the analyses are found at this post.

Anyone who culls through the 136 posts and compiles a summary post of the good, the bad, and the ugly from among the research effort, send me link to the summary via, and I will post that. Many thanks to all who participated and especially to Radioblogger.

XDA has an expanded review of the Great Raid.

Manuel Miranda warns that Dick Durbin has the most to lose from next week’s Judiciary Committee hearings. There’s a lot of merit in this argument, but only Slow Joe Biden has presidential ambitions, and Chuck Schumer wants Harry Reid’s job in the long run, so watch both of them try to score points with their party’s increasinly hard-lined base while not exposing themselves to fresh charges of buffoonery and megalomania, respectively.

The New York Times reports on the deep divisions within the Democrats on how to approach the Roberts hearings.

The Washington Post reports on the deep divisions within the Democrats on how to approach the war.

The Boston Globe reports on the increasingly likelihood that young African Americans will align with Republicans.

So the Dems are split on both of the great issues of the day, and the GOP is widening its outreach. That’s an excellent way to end the summer.

Glenn asks if talk radio is losing auidence. Almost certainly the number is down from this time last year, when the conventions were in full swing and the Bush-Kerry vote looming. Almost certainly the total audience is up from four years ago, just prior to 9/11. The radio audience is driven by the news cycle and urgency, and the Roberts hearings will bring a fresh wave of listeners.

The key metric: Is a particular show “sold out” and its rate card rising? I can only say with certainty that the ansewrs are yes and yes for my program.

And if, as both Glenn and I have been posting on, the avian bird flu does make the big jump or terrorists again strike the United States, talk radio will be the go-to source as it always is in a crisis.

Don’t miss the new article from Foreign Affairs on China’s energy appetite:

Twenty years ago, China was East Asia’s largest oil exporter. Now it is the world’s second-largest importer; last year, it alone accounted for 31 percent of global growth in oil demand. Now that China is the workshop of the world, its hunger for electricity and industrial resources has soared. China’s combined share of the world’s consumption of aluminum, copper, nickel, and iron ore more than doubled within only ten years, from 7 percent in 1990 to 15 percent in 2000; it has now reached about 20 percent and is likely to double again by the end of the decade.

Finally, we should put Roger Ailes in charge of psyops at the Pentagon.


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