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The New York Times and Heparin

Saturday, March 29, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The Sunday Times covers the heparin story, but leaves the obvious questions unanswered. From my post earlier today:

The questions I have yet to see answered in a newspaper account (or anywhere for that matter):

Where and when did the 19 fatalities occur?

During what time frame did the “hundreds” of allergic reactions occur?

Are there possible long-term consequences from use of the adulterated heparin which patients have to be vigilant about?

Have all patients who received potentially contaminated heparin been informed?

Why are there still possibly-contaminated Heparin products on the market?

Random Jottings thinks we’d have the answers to all these questions if the contamination had occurred in the U.S., and the MSM had a nice American business to crucify:

My guess is that it’s mostly political. There’s no domestic political angle. If An American firm were at fault, this would be a big story.

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