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The New Odd Couple: Jay Rosen and Austin Bay

Saturday, August 20, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Jay Rosen had the curiosity to ask Austin Bay for his opinion on the Bush White House’s approach to the press, and Austin Bay told him what the press ought to do in this time of war. Rosen had the courage to post the response in its entirety (and his response to the response, and you should read it all. The key graphs from Colonel Bay on what the “axis” MSM needs to do to heal itself:

First off, Fire Paul Krugman and replace him with a real economist like Arnold Kling or Walter Williams. Krugman’s been predicting economic doom for four years. He needs to get a sign and walk the streets, not write a newspaper column. Turn Maureen Dowd into a gossip columnist. Replace Dowd with someone like Froma Harrop (a New Yorker who has moved to Providence). The Times could also fire the op-ed editor who inserted Bush Hate into Phil Carter’s column. (See my post for the details.)

Here are a few other suggestions for The Axis:

Find Dan Rather’s missing Lucy Ramirez, the source for his fake but accurate documents. If they can’t find Lucy then that’s a big story, too.
Get us a copy of the still-unreleased Eason Jordan tape where the CNN bigwig accused the US military of targeting (meaning murdering) journalists.
Remove Linda Foley as national president of The Newspaper Guild. Linda Foley repeated Jordan’s slander.
When Roger Ailes gets dissed for running Fox News (Why, he’s a Republican!) mention the news presence of George Stephanopoulos and Tim Russert and Chris Matthews and Bill Moyers in the very next exhalation.
When Abu Ghraib rates a story or report, include a historical comment on FDR’s detention camps for Japanese Americans. Good guys make mistakes in war.
Jay, pass the ideas on to your Axis buddies. Tell ‘

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