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Thursday, August 11, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Someone should tell NARAL that the world has changed since 1987, and its outrageous lies will not go unchallenged in this and future SCTOUS nominations. I had predicted that the side that got caught in a lie first would lose the PRE battle over the nomination of Judge Roberts. That has happened with NARAL’s blatant slander, and the left’s assault on Roberts’ is now doomed. They won’t stop trying, but we now know the credibility of NARAL and its ally at PFAW is zero.

I cannot imagine an American union striking at Kennedy or LaGuardia a month after 9/11. Will British public opinion react the same way that American public opinion would have?

Blogotional notes my pessimism about Russia’s future after my visits to St.Petersburg and Moscow. I will discuss this at length on air Monday –if I can get home via Heathrow– but listening to David Allen White lecture on Crime & Punishment and the other great Russian works of literature and music doesn’t really give one much reason to expect that the new Russia will someohow transition to a a vibrant, freedom embracing nation of entrepeneurs.

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