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The Necessary Bookshelf

Welcome to Hugh’s “Necessary Bookshelf.”  It is actually six different shelves in one big bookcase. Click a shelf to see the books on that shelf.

Shelf Two: The Necessary Bookshelf

The Books That Tell You About The War We are In and Have Been In Since 2001

Books Hugh has deemed "necessary" to an understanding of the times in which we live.

Shelf Three: Learning the West, via History and Historical Fiction

Full of the books which someone seeking a working knowledge on how the West came to be as it is will read, including a number of works of historical fiction designed to help a reader through the long-ago and far-away parts.

Shelf Four: Hugh's Favorite Thriller Series

Hugh's favorite currently working thriller writers and the first book in the series he loves. Each of these authors are featured at least annually on his show.

Shelf Five: The God Shelf

A handful of the books Hugh has found very useful to understanding the Christian faith.

Shelf Six: Hugh's Most Recent, Highly Favored Books

Books most recently featured on the show.