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The National Security Collapse of the Democratic Party

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I have already posted on Democratic Congressman John Dingell’s extraordinary equivocation about the nature of Hezbollah: “I don’t take sides for or against Hezbollah; I don’t take sides for or against Israel.”

Both Dean Barnett and I have posted on the decision of Demcoratic leadership in both House and Senate to make the November campaign a referendum on cutting-and-running from Iraq.

The New York Times on Sunday endorsed Joe Lieberman’s challenger and Kossputin’s creation Ned Lamont because of the senator’s support for the war.

Now RawStory reports on Congresswoman Lynne Woolsey’s “The Iraq War Powers Repeal Act of 2006,” which has, incredibly, garnered 22 co-sponsors.

Incredibly, the Democratic Party’s commitment to national security has collapsed. It is absurd to even argue the case.  If Democrats regain power in either House, they will oblige the country to retreat across a broad front in the war with Islamic jihadism, weakening Israel in the process, emboldening Iran even beyond that country’s already extraordinary fanaticism, and committing the country to –at best– a fortress America approach.  When, as would inevitably happen, a jihadist government obtained WMD, the country would not be able to return to the battlefield, and those WMD would inevitably find a use somewhere in the world.

The country is confronted with the Iran/Syria/Hezbollah threat, and with a new threat in Somalia, and the Democrats want to retreat and hope for the best.

There isn’t much point in arguing with the left about the folly of their proposed path.  What’s absolutely necessary is that the center-right prevail in November.  The ABC Coalition noted below is a great place to focus energy, but I note ElectionProjection’s grim outlook, and want to suggest we start by assisting the four GOP incumbent senators who are best positioned to win crucial close contests:

Montana’s Conrad Burns

Ohio’s Mike DeWine

Missouri’s Jim Talent

Pennsylvania’s Rick Santorum

Each is a very solid, very committed vote for victory in the war and clarity about our enemies.  Each is opposed by a Democrat whose election will push the Senate towards policies of defeat and retreat.

In an interview yesterday with Neil Cavuto, President Bush explained the sort of focus he brings to the war, which is exactly the focus the GOP and center-right voters need to bring to elections’ impact on the war.  Cavuto quoted Victor Davis Hanson and asked the president is the country had forgotten that we are in a war.  The president replied that indeed some have forgotten that crucial fact.  He continued:

But I know it’s a war and I think about it every day of my presidency.

I think about Al Qaeda every day. I’m asking questions all the time: Are we doing everything we can to protect this country?

And I want the American people to know that, even if they don’t think that we’re still at war, I do, and, therefore, will deploy the


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