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The Most Important Pro-Life Battle In Decades

Sunday, February 20, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The decision of the House of Representatives to defund Planned Parenthood —really and truly defund it— sets the stage for an enormously important battle over the next few weeks, one which the pro-life movement must organize for immediately, and one the Speaker cannot lose, or one of the three legs of the stool on which the Republican Party coalition is built will break.

David French of the ADF wrote about the courage to defend the pro-life, prof-family agenda for earlier this month. (HT: Article VI Blog). Hopefully every pro-life voter in the country will be contacting their senators and representatives over the next two weeks to urge that the government not fund Planned Parenthood.

I will be speaking in Denver on Tuesday night on the question of who leads when it comes to morality in the country. One way to know will be to watch for those who speak to this issue over the next few days.

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