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The Most Foolish Vote Of All

Friday, October 8, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

That’s a tough one this year: Which vote is actually the most irresponsible possible ballot to cast in this year of many wildly irresponsible choices?

Scott Johnson quickly reviews the problem presented by Minnesota’s very troubled Democratic nominee for governor, Mark Dayton, and after reading Scott’s summary, there is a great case to be made for the proposition that a vote for Mark Dayton is the single most obviously and inevitably destructive vote that can be cast in the United States this year.

Minnesota did however elect Al Franken, so there is the possibility that the state’s electorate will show the world that it is possible to fall off of the floor.

Help Minnesota help itself by sending some cash this weekend to Tom Emmer, the GOP’s nominee, and a very good man indeed.

And when you are finished reading Scott’s post, pause to take in John Hinderaker’s analysis of the latest Sharron Angle ad, and then pop over to and send some dough to run it a few more times over Nevada airwaves.


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