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The Metastasis of the Administrative State

Monday, June 29, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

My Washington Examiner column underscores how the cap-and-tax bill passed by the House would bring with it a metastasis of the administrative state.

I have been negotiating with and sometimes suing federal agencies for the past two decades, usually because federal officials use ambiguous language in federal statutes to adopt extremely expansive views of federal power.

Either the cap-and-tax bill or the Obama./Pelosi/Reid “government option/public plan” approaches to health care would make these past power grabs seem small by comparison. Either bill would empower federal agencies –some not yet even created– to wield new and extraordinary authority over individuals and business. When the Senate takes up cap-and-tax, the GOP must focus the public attention on the vast power grab the law envisions, and both houses must focus on the government’s control over individuals’ lives that would arrive with a “government option/public plan” in health care.

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