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The Mehlman Memo And Your Own Personal GOTV Effort

Monday, November 6, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

GOP Chair Ken Mehlman is an optimist. (HT: K-Lo).

And the Blogging Caesar is beginning to smile as well.

Momentum is great.GOTV is better.  Do your part from the comfort of your home.  Make a few phone calls.  The GOP has made it easy and effective to help keep the mostly serious party in control of both houses.

That’s why the wind changed, btw: The GOP remains the mostly serious party and the Dems the almost always silly party.  Voters have always known that, but as the election approached, began to consider what control by the mostly silly party would mean.  The GOP has always pushed the “elections are a choice” theme, and the reality of that perspective’s impact is seen in the numbers Mehlman cites.

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