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The Marines, Murtha, the Alleged Massacre, and the Milblogs

Wednesday, May 17, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

This story will grow.

The Milblog Forum has details and links.

I cannot imagine a more irresponsible statement from Congressman Murtha given that the investigation is still open. The Congressman should explain his sources, or face the charge that he has judged the men involved before the evidence is even compiled.

UPDATE: Reaction is pouring in, and even among those who believe that the accusation may be proven true there is outrage that a Congressman would advance a conclusion of guilt ahead of a court martial or even the release of formal charges.

Newsbusters has a partial transcript from Hardball featuring Murtha.

UPDATE 2: A retired judge advocate called the program to condemn Murtha’s charges as deeply injurious to the Marines involved in this incident.

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