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The Los Angeles Times’ Hiltzik Concedes? How Does the Paper Respond?

Thursday, April 20, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Read this post by Patterico. (I posted on it earlier here.)

Then read this post by Michael Hiltzik.

The Hiltzik post is a non-denial, though not quite an admission, that Hiltzik, a Los Angeles Times’ columnist/blogger, has been posting on his blog and other places under pseudonymns obviously intended to mislead readers.

The Times’ response, and those of other journalists, will be very interesting.

Do all of the Times’ bloggers post praise of themselves under pseudonyms?

Does all of MSM?

Calling Romenesko: What does MSM think of this?

And given that the Los Angeles Times rightly lashes Cardinal Mahoney for deception on its front page this morning, doesn’t this columnist/blogger’s own deceptions undermine the paper’s ability to call kettles black?

Here is Michael Hiltzik, from an interview published days ago on the relationship between a newspaper and its blogs:

You can’t count on people discovering you by chance. You have to affiliate yourself. You have to find a way to get marketed. I mean, that’s what newspapers have, that’s an advantage. But as I said at the outset, it’s going to be a very delicate relationship, because of the difference in how you address your audience, and what it will accept, and how it reflects on the rest of your enterprise.

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