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The Los Angeles Times and Rob Reiner

Tuesday, February 21, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Yesterday the Los Angeles Times headlined a big story on Rob Reiner, but mangled or missed key facts and whole issues –such as Arnold’s acceptance of Reiner’s continued position as head of the big budget First Five Commission while serving as sponsor and chief cheerleader for a ruinous tax-hiking and job destroying initiative. Reiner’s a hold-over appointee from the Davis years, and he could be replaced tomorrow if Arnold simply names a new chair of the commission. (GOP activists have been muttering about Arnold’s appoin tment of Democratic Party partisan Susan Kennedy as his chief of staff, but keeping Reiner in a position of authority as he seeks to pass Prop 82 is another blow to Arnold’s standing with the base he will need to rally if he wants to be re-elected in the fall.)

Today the Times’ editorial board gets very, very tough with Reiner: “[H]anding out hundreds of millions of dollar to a handful of friendly ad agencies suggests, at minimum, a carelessness deserving more scrutiny.”

Where’s the scrutiny going to come from? The paper suggests California’s Fair Political Practices Commission.

Too bad it didn’t suggest its own newsroom staff. Evidently the paper is done with its investigation/whitewash.

Chuck Quakenbush must be asking himself why his treatment by the same paper was so very, very different.

Or not. The “R” behind Quakenbush’s name and the “D” behind Reiner’s explains it all.

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